4 & 6 Word Contest Guidelines Are Up!

We opened submissions last week, but we finally refined what we are looking for in our contests! You can find them on our guidelines page but here you go:

Six Word Story Contest: A six word story should be just that: a story. Just like with our regular submissions, we look for strong, concise language that carries a deeper meaning. Instead of writing a sentence of a “thing that happened,” give us more.

For example: /They already fought over wedding gifts/ implies more than just two people fighting over a present. It’s referring to a married couple so unhappy, they fought over gifts right after the wedding. This speaks to marriage, love, fighting, etc. But you can do even better; keep this in mind as you’re writing yours!

Four Word Poem Contest: The four word poem is a thought exercise. It focuses on concise language and rapid expansion. The four word poem consists of three phrases of two words presented with a collision in the center. This collision combines the outer two phrases into a third two word phrase.

For example: /Abraham Lincoln Continental Breakfast/ “Abraham Lincoln” is a two word phrase. When it is placed with the phrase “Continental Breakfast,” the phrase “Lincoln Continental” emerges. This is what we look for in four word poems. Collisions of unrelated images that give birth to a third, also unrelated image.


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