August Contest Winners!

Thanks for all of your awesome submissions to our first 6-word story & 4-word poem contests! Due to the quality of submissions, we have selected a runner-up for each category as well. We encourage everyone to try September’s contest which is now open for submissions. Congrats to our winners!

To submit for September’s contest, check out the guidelines here.

6-Word Story Winner: Eric Nelson

I too am a friendly ghost.

4-Word Poem Winner: Nathaniel Kennon Perkins

cold blood brothers Karamazov

6-Word Story Runner-Up: Quest Williams

Dating Profile. Reinstated: One day ago.

4-Word Poem Runner-Up: E.E. Scott

printer paper crane operator


The son of a machinist and a nurse, Eric Nelson is the author of The Walt Whitman House and The Silk City Series and is originally from New Jersey. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Rumpus, Chimes and Sirens, Defenestration Magazine, The Billfold and others. His E.P. of recorded stories “They Make a Wasteland, They Call it Pastiche” is being released by Diabetic Koala in fall of 2013.

Nathaniel Kennon Perkins lives and works in Salt Lake City. His work has appeared in Triquarterly, Free Dog Food, Commas and Colons, Pithead Chapel, Thought Catalog, and decomP magazinE. He is the editor of Apex Caliente. 

Quest Williams exists, that is all.

E. E. Scott is a student at Western Michigan University. She is the curator of the Fox House reading series in Kalamazoo, Michigan.


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