When can I expect to hear back?

We hope to give you a response within a few months, but since lives and submissions vary, we can’t guarantee this.

When will the publication come out?

We are aiming for a biannual publication, so if we get enough good material, you can expect them around February and July.

What are you guys looking for?

Stuff that’s interesting, well-crafted, and surprising. We want to read something we haven’t read before. For more information, check out our guidelines.

Do I get paid?

We would love to pay you. We would love to pay ourselves, too. But since we are a small, non-profit magazine, we aren’t able to pay our contributors yet. Hopefully we will be able to in the future. But the real reward is getting published by awesome people…right?

Are you a print magazine?

Magcloud has this awesome thing where we can publish a book-like PDF document you can view and download for free! But the best part is, they will also print the publication as well; you only pay per page!

Question not answered here? Email us at purecoincidencemagazine@live.com

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