We are seeking original UNPUBLISHED flash fiction, prose poems, and 2D art from around the world. No more than 2 stories or poems at a time. Novel excerpts are fine, so long as they are unpublished. Please upload as one submission, but separate documents. Up to 15 art pieces, but still in one submission, please. Do not submit more than twice per reading period (in between issues). Simultaneous submissions welcome, but notify us if there is a withdrawal.

In your cover letter, please include a brief, third person bio. Please specify if you would like feedback or critique on your pieces. If you do request feedback, please keep in mind that this will make your waiting time longer. Also, please do not request feedback if you are submitting within the month before an issue debuts.

Before submitting, check out our interview over at Six Questions For… about what we look for in pieces.

Note: We do NOT publish anything that is racist, hateful, or harmful towards other groups. We are LGBT friendly.

Flash Fiction (<1000 Words): Think concise. Think emotive. Think visual. We like stories that take the ordinary, and highlight daily nuances in ways we’ve never seen. Think about the human condition; what leads us to be obsessive? Think about the things that have way more meaning to you than you’d ever expect. Give us a juicy, ripe, slice of life. Surprise us.

Remember that even though it’s short, a story still needs to be a story. Give us authentic characters inside an interesting plot, and surround it with deliberate writing and good editing. Send us your best work, a final draft–not a rough one.

Prose Poems (<1000 Words): Poetry is cool, but we don’t want fancy line breaks and white space: just words and sentences. Give us some music, but put us in the scene. Use all our senses, and confuse them. Surprise us.

2D Art: We want cool illustrations, abstract paintings, awesome comics, and interesting photography. Give us a PNG or JPG that’s high quality, and a good size. Give us something that makes us think about the small things, or makes us feel something new. All submissions will be considered for the cover.

Six-Word Stories: A six word story should be just that: a story. Just like with our regular submissions, we look for strong, concise language that carries a deeper meaning. Instead of writing a sentence of a “thing that happened,” give us more. Submit your three best in a single document.

For example: /They already fought over wedding gifts/ implies more than just two people fighting over a present. It’s referring to a married couple so unhappy, they fought over gifts right after the wedding. This speaks to marriage, love, fighting, etc. But you can do even better; keep this in mind as you’re writing yours!

Note: Since titles take away from the form, they will not be included.


Unfortunately, as we are a small non-profit magazine just starting up, we are unable to offer payment for your submissions at this time. We are accepting donations in the hopes that we may one day be able to, though we are paying out of pocket for everything, including Submittable. However, the magazine will be offered as a free download upon publication, and we may be able to spare free print copies for contributors.

We acknowledge First North American Serial Rights (FNASR)
Rights revert back to the author upon publication. If you ever publish elsewhere, though, a mention would be nice!

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