ISSUE #2 HAS ARRIVED! Feast your eyes on this:

Please take a look at this wonderful second issue and give us your feedback! And remember that downloading the file is ABSOLUTELY FREE; for the print you are just paying for the pages itself. If you find any errors or mistakes, please do not hesitate letting us know! (Note: currently only available through MagCloud).

Issue #1

Pure Coincidence Magazine - Various Contributors

Wanna read it as a free eBook or order it in print? Click here for Magcloud.

For Kindle users, click here. Download the .mobi file and drop it into your Kindle folder while it’s connected. If you need more help, click here.

Prefer the plain ol’ PDF? Download it here. (Note: there is a viewer, but it distorts the layout).

If you notice any issues or are having trouble with the download, please email us at

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