Amanda Nicole Corbin (Editor in Chief) is getting her Master of Secondary Education, but wastes a lot more time thinking about writing, reading writing, crying about writing, & sometimes even writing. Check out her credentials here. Burritos are also very important.

Taylor Hoffman has four rats and a B.A. in English. She enjoys editing, feministing, and rambling. Her main expertise lies in overanalyzing comics and eighteenth century prostitutes.

Heather Castle has a BS in Psychology and Art, but would much rather double major in Owls and Star Wars. She eats ice cream for breakfast and gets legitimate anxiety attacks over the idea of all the good bands she’ll never hear and books she’ll never read.

Paul Hudder is also called Paul. He has a Bachelor of English with a Creative Writing emphasis and likes to think that will be worth something one day. His favorite food is the kind that you eat and he likes it best when he makes it himself, unless you want to cook for him. He’s totally down for you to cook for him.

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